About Our Organization

The mission of Neighborhood Meals on Wheels is to provide nutritious, well-balanced meals to the aged, convalescent and handicapped in our township without regard to race, religion, creed, nationality or economic need.  Since its inception in 1974, Neighborhood Meals on Wheels has grown steadily, both in the number of patrons we serve and in the number of volunteers needed to keep the organization running smoothly.

This non-profit organization operates each and ever weekday,
fifty-two weeks each year.  Our paid staff is limited to a part-time coordinator, working twenty-two hours weekly, who organizes the daily tasks.  The coordinator takes calls from our patrons, organizes delivery routes, and enlists the help of ten volunteers daily who pack and deliver hot and cold meals for nearly fifty patrons each day.

Neighborhood Meals on Wheels is proud of its forty-five year history of providing meals to those in need on a daily basis.  The meals are delivered at a nominal cost and we are therefore grateful for contributions from individuals, service organizations and other community friends who help us to continue to service the residents of the township, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our patrons include:
  •  those who have recently been released from the hospital and need short term meals provided.
  •  those whose chronic illness makes it difficult to prepare meals each day.
  •  those who are elderly and are no longer able to prepare their own meals
  •  those with a disability who need assistance in meal preparation
  •  those who are homebound and unable to cook and shop
Food Preparation
  • Our meals are prepared at Norristown State Hospital under the direction of their dietician.             Each patron can receive one hot meal and one cold meal daily.
  • Teams of volunteers deliver meals between 11:00 A.M. and noon each weekday, including holidays.