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 Volunteer Spotlight

   Our Neighborhood Meals On Wheels volunteers continue to pack and deliver meals to local housebound residents even during the pandemic with a focus on the safety of patrons and volunteers.  Rigorous Covid 19 safety procedures are followed in all volunteer activities.
Our volunteers are the real heroes in our community.

Our Volunteer Spotlight this month is on two volunteers, Calvin Ligons and Eric Ruppe.

Calvin Ligons started volunteering with Neighborhood Meals on Wheels in June 2019. Calvin retired five years ago from over fifty years as an environmental chemist. He and his wife have lived in Upper Merion for over twenty years. They have one daughter, five sons, and eleven grandchildren. Calvin enjoys reading, crossword puzzles and generally relaxing.

Prior to joining us, Calvin did not realize the great need for assistance in our community. He encourages anyone who is able to volunteer.

Eric Ruppe started volunteering about ten years ago, serving as a substitute with his mother-in-law, Maxine Newstein. He retired from a career in mechanical drafting eight years ago.

He and his wife have lived in Upper Merion for over thirty years. They have one daughter and three grandchildren.

In his spare time, he enjoys going to flea markets, drawing, needlepoint, and woodworking.

Thank you Calvin and Eric for all that you do!

Neighborhood Meals on Wheels is always in need of new volunteers either on a temporary or permanent basis. For more information, call our office at 610.265.7051

In 2019 we served over 4,000 meals to Township residents.  It takes a great number of volunteers to see that all our meals are delivered each day.

Our 'home' is the Valley Forge Presbyterian Church.  Each weekday we utilize two volunteers who meet at the church and travel to Norristown State Hospital to pack the meals.  These volunteers leave the church between 9:00 and 9:15 each weekday morning and return with all of the meals between 10:30 and 10:45 A.M.

Eight more volunteers gather at the church at 10:45 A.M.  Once the meals arrive from Norristown State Hospital, teams of two leave the church with meals packed to deliver to four different routes in the Township.  Delivery can take anywhere from forty-five minutes to a little more than an hour.

We have volunteers that deliver meals weekly, monthly and on a substitute basis.  If you would like to help, we would be happy to have you join us to see if this is a volunteer opportunity you would enjoy on a regular basis.

Please call the Meals on Wheels office to set up a mutually agreed upon date to pack or deliver meals (610.265.7051).