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   Our Neighborhood Meals On Wheels volunteers continue to pack and deliver meals to local housebound residents even during the pandemic with a focus on the safety of patrons and volunteers.  Rigorous Covid 19 safety procedures are followed in all volunteer activities.
Our volunteers are the real heroes in our community.

Our Neighborhood Meals on Wheels volunteer spotlight this month is on Bob and Kecia McEntee.

Bob was born and raised in Overbrook and Kecia is originally from Newark, Delaware. They met down the shore over thirty-five years ago and just recently spent their 25th wedding anniversary delivering meals to their neighbors! They moved into Upper Merion Township in 1999 with their daughter, Madison, who currently teaches 5th grade at Villa Maria Academy.

In January of 2019, they decided to expand their weekly "lunch date" and delivering Meals on Wheels was the perfect fit, as Kecia had helped her parents deliver on their Meals on Wheels route years earlier in Delaware!

 They have found that traveling through the township and spending a small bit of time visiting and chatting with their patrons every Tuesday has been so rewarding, especially in this past year during the isolation brought on by the pandemic. They have witnessed first hand how such a small act and commitment of time can make a HUGE difference in their community.

In their spare time, they both enjoy travel, theater and spending time at the shore, but Bob would really rather just spend every day on the golf course!

If you find that you have a few hours to spare, either on a weekly, monthly and/or occasional basis, Meals on Wheels is always in need of additional volunteers! No special skills required-just the  desire to help out in your community! For more information, contact Trudy or Pat in our office at 610 265 7051.

Our Neighborhood Meals on Wheels spotlight for June is Joe Murphy. Joe has volunteered at NMOW's since 2015. He is currently one of our regular delivery aides on Mondays.

Joe's parents moved to Upper Merion in 1963. Joe attended Upper Merion High School. After graduation he served in the United State Navy for two years and was stationed in Vietnam. He was married to his wife, who sadly passed away in 2014, for 43 years.They had three children, a daughter and two sons.

Joe worked for AT&T for thirty years, and after retiring, worked a Genuardi's Market for another eleven years. After retirement, he found that he wanted to volunteer to help others and he started at Neighborhood Meals on Wheels.

In his spare time, Joe likes to do word puzzles, garden, and watch the Phillies and Sixers. Joe also dotes on his twin grandchildren, a boy and a girl, born earlier this year.

Thank you for all you do for Neighborhood Meals on Wheels, Joe!

Our April/May Spotlight Volunteer is Bett Platt. Bett has been a resident of Upper Merion Township for 11 years and loves living here. She is married and she and her husband love their dog, Frankie Blue. Frankie will sometimes keep Bett company when she delivers.

Bett has been volunteering with Neighborhood Meals on Wheels since March 2017. She really misses the interaction with the patrons. She is hoping to volunteer through the ELKS when she down at the shore.

Bett is a nurse and a realtor. She works as a realtor out of the Long & Foster office in Lafayette Hill. When Bett is not working or volunteering, she loves to cook, garden, and spend time at their beach house in North Wildwood.

Our March/April Spotlight Volunteer is Pat D'Aprile. She has been a Neighborhood Meals on Wheels volunteer for over twenty years! Pat is a King of Prussia resident and has four children, (two girls and two boys) and seven grandchildren. She has lived in King of Prussia for fifty-five years.
Pat is retired from the Prudential Insurance Company. A true multi-tasker, she was also a local real estate agent and a paralegal.
Mrs. D'Aprile has enjoyed checking in and visiting with patrons over the years. She is looking forward to the return of in-person visits. Thank you Pat, for your many years of dedicated service to Neighborhood Meals on Wheels.
Neighborhood Meals on Wheels is always in need of new volunteers either on a temporary or permanent basis. For more information, call our office at 610.265.7051.

Our January/February Volunteer Spotlight this month is on two volunteers, Fran and Ben Dwinell. 

    Our December/January Volunteer Spotlight is on Fran and Ben Dwinell. The couple grew up in West Virginia and moved 14 times before moving to Upper Merion in 1994.Ben worked at the Pennsylvania Railroad System as a manager and Fran was a math teacher.Fran and Ben have Three children, two sons and a daughter, who all live locally. 

    They have volunteered at Norristown State Hospital. Fran also started volunteering at Neighborhood Meals on Wheels about 14 years ago. Ben has volunteered as well when needed, and consistently through this pandemic. 

    Fran loves to knit and has completed 5 afghans during the pandemic. Fran and Ben both enjoy the Philly Pops!


In 2020 we served over 4,000 meals to Township residents.  It takes a great number of volunteers to see that all our meals are delivered each day.

Our 'home' is the Valley Forge Presbyterian Church.  Each weekday we utilize two volunteers who meet at the church and travel to Norristown State Hospital to pack the meals.  These volunteers leave the church between 9:00 and 9:15 each weekday morning and return with all of the meals between 10:30 and 10:45 A.M.

Eight more volunteers gather at the church at 10:45 A.M.  Once the meals arrive from Norristown State Hospital, teams of two leave the church with meals packed to deliver to four different routes in the Township.  Delivery can take anywhere from forty-five minutes to a little more than an hour.

We have volunteers that deliver meals weekly, monthly and on a substitute basis.  If you would like to help, we would be happy to have you join us to see if this is a volunteer opportunity you would enjoy on a regular basis.

Please call the Meals on Wheels office to set up a mutually agreed upon date to pack or deliver meals (610.265.7051).