Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neighborhood Meals on Wheels just for seniors?

No, Neighborhood Meals on Wheels is for anyone who requires our services.  Our patrons include the sick, the aged and the convalescing residents of the municipalities located within the Upper Merion School district: the Borough of Bridgeport, the Borough of West Conshocken, and Upper Merion Township.

How many days a week can I receive meals?

Meals are available every weekday, fifty-two weeks a year.

Can Neighborhood Meals on Wheels accommodate my special dietary needs?

Some modifications are available.  We can accommodate those who need special diets for medical reasons or allergy concerns.

How do I sign up?

Contact the Meals on Wheels office coordinator between 9:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, at 610.265.7051.

How much will I pay?

Our regular meal program price is $30 for the deliver of two meals per day (one hot meal, one cold meal), ten meals per week.  If your request is for one hot meal per day, the cost is $25 per week.

Can I expect delivery, even when the weather is bad?

Neighborhood Meals on Wheels strives to deliver meals each and every weekday, fifty-two weeks a year.  The exception is during snowstorms - and at that time a determination is made based on Upper Merion School District's decision to open or close.  If the schools are open, we will deliver.  If the schools are closed, we do not deliver.

What if I am at a doctor's appointment at the time when my meal is delivered?

Our volunteers will leave your meal outside your home, if a cooler is left.  We also ask that you would notify us ahead of time, or leave a note for us on the container you leave for us outside.